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The Table, the Fiber, and the Scarves!

I am a licensed mental health counselor by training and an artist by nature. I have been crocheting for many years and have fallen in love with spinning and felting; making felted silk scarves in particular. I live with my family in an old Victorian farm house. We have an antique sewing table that acts as an island in the kitchen. It was actually taken from a sewing factory in the 1800’s. This table is the perfect vehicle on which to create my scarves. Every time I make a scarf I feel that the history of the table is helping to inspire the design of the scarf as well. I believe the history of our home has contributed to my artistic development. Our rural country setting lends itself to creating graceful and comforting pieces of wearable art that bring happiness to the person who wears them. I often stop and think how lucky I am to be able to help people in my professional work and to make people happy through my art. I find that I can put my love of fiber, spinning, and felting into the scarves I make. The past many years from learning to crochet to felting have been a wonderful journey of self-discovery and I look forward to where I will go next. You never know, there may be some sheep or an alpaca or two in the back yard someday.

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